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See “Instrument driver installation under Windows”. Create an installable Debian (.deb) package, much like the standard distutils command bdist_rpm for RPM packages.

Prerequisites: You first need to install alien and rpmdb, create a dummy RPM database via , then edit (or create from scratch) the (you can have a look at misc/setup.ubuntu9for a working example).

This is currently a limitation of Zero Install under Linux.

You can manually install icon entries for the standalone tools by running the following in a terminal: are very different instruments despite their naming similarities.

Please note that if your contribution should be put towards adding a certain feature in Argyll CMS, like support for a specific instrument, it will be more appropriate and efficient to contribute to Argyll CMS only, and directly. Display CAL (formerly known as dispcal GUI) is a display calibration and profiling solution with a focus on accuracy and versatility (in fact, the author is of the honest opinion it may be the most accurate and versatile ICC compatible display profiling solution available anywhere).

If you'd like to measure color on the go, you may also be interested in Argyll PRO Color Meter by Graeme Gill, author of Argyll CMS. At its core it relies on Argyll CMS, an open source color management system, to take measurements, create calibrations and profiles, and for a variety of other advanced color related tasks.

In all other cases, please try the instructions below or one of the standalone installations.

See the GNU General Public License for more details.Mount the disk image and option-drag its icon to your “Applications” folder.Afterwards open the “Display CAL” folder in your “Applications” folder and drag Display CAL's icon to the dock if you want easy access.It makes extensive use of and depends on functionality provided by Argyll CMS.The build system to create standalone executables additionally uses setuptools and py2app on Mac OS X or py2exe on Windows.

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