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When I ended the Sojourner’s Passport blog project over six months ago, I decided that sometime around Thanksgiving Day I would take another look at the progress made by the BWE social justice movement.I’m thankful to see that the BWE movement has achieved lasting victory after only a few short years: As time goes by, the ongoing success of the BWE message is why you’ll continue to see a number of BWE bloggers do various things.

I’ve gained new ideas, insights and information that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. In a post dated April 17, 2009, from the previous blog, I stated, I firmly believe that this era is the time of reckoning across the planet.

All of this has come back to bite us in the buttocks.

(2) The unaddressed misogyny in the Black collective, which has caused unprecedented levels of violence against Black women and girls. This has also morphed into open, vehement support for Black men exploiting and refusing to marry Black women.

The victory of the BWE social justice movement will prove to be a lasting one because it’s sustained and enhanced by the ripple effects created by every African-American woman who finds joyous life in the outside world.

Ladies, rest assured that human nature—in the form of envy—will finish the job of saving those remaining African-American women who are capable of being salvaged.

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