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The public disgrace of these subs in pain and humiliation is expanded to torments at fetish fairs, shopping centres and in public parks. These girls all get off on being fucked in front of crowds and abused in public places.

The humiliated women and degraded slaves are made to suck the cocks of bystanders and show their slut behaviour to men on the roads of any city where they are captured.

Even in Germany we find exciting examples of girls tied up and humiliated in public as part of exposing bdsm sessions outdoors on the streets of Berling, Munich and elsewhere.

These types of public domination are quite common in countries like Spain and Hungary, but in Germany its pretty shocking to see Public Disgrace sessions on public roads.

Extreme slave girls are flashing their kinky desires in outragious occurances of public bdsm exhibitionism and bondage voyeurism.

All sexual orientations are welcome - straight chicks, bisexuals, Lezdom fans and homosexuals, as long you agree bondage under open skies and the exposure of slaves in public view.

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It aint exactly Extreme BDSM but its hellishly sexy and its public kink and you can dive further into it with stories from the Public Bondage Blog, that is overflowing with a great mixture of Amateur Public Sex and Public Disgrace movies from the punishments outthere in full public view.

These chicks are disgraced publicly for the kinky pleasures of us all.

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