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The last one, the date of payment is the date the company sends out the dividend to the entitled shareholders. Always remember that dividends are paid on the ‘face value’ of the share and NOT on the market price of the shares. What’s the difference between face value and market price of a share? Face Value of a share is the value which is decided by the company issuing it, at the time of initial offering.Face value has nothing to do with market value of a share. Falling markets give little room for capital appreciation."It's a classic old Tahoe house, warm and inviting, a perfect setting for the mountain environment," says listing agent Bill Dietz of Tahoe Luxury Real Estate."It's not a fancy and pretentious house, but beautifully crafted and understated yet still very comfortable and contemporary." In the main home, six bedrooms, five full baths and two half baths are spread across 5,322 square feet.

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EFFECTS OF DIVIDENDS ON STOCK PRICES From the dividend announcement date till the record date, the share prices keep moving up since investors buy into such shares to get dividends. In such a case, choosing the right company, with a good track record of growth, sound financials and history of dividend payment, becomes critical.

The beginning of the new fiscal will usher in the annual dividend season.

There are five major dates in the process of a company paying dividends. The ex-date usually precedes the record date by about two days.

The record date is the day on which the company looks at its records to see who its shareholders are.

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