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Thanks in part to the battered women's movement of the 1980s and the growing awareness of the current rape culture in the United States—from assaults on college campuses to abuse within relationships—we've been hearing a predominantly heterosexual story.But there's a scenario that, while less frequent, is no less damaging to the victims it claims: rape between women.By midnight, she remembers being led into an empty dorm room down the hall.There, drugged and nearly unconscious, she was raped."I tried to repress it," she says of the memory that plagued her when she went home the next day.Click on the title of a finding aid to open it as a PDF.Alaina was 18 in March of 2012, a college freshman in the middle of spring break.

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"Many people have a difficult time believing that a woman could be capable of inflicting violence on another person."These gender norms can directly contribute to distrust of a victim's claims, says Lisa Langenderfer-Magruder, co-author of a recent study of LGBTQ intimate partner violence in Colorado.

The implication is that rape only occurs in heterosexual marriages or long-term partnerships—which is, of course, not the case.

Sarah, 32, and her girlfriend had been dating long-distance for about a year—Sarah in California, her partner in North Carolina—when they decided they wanted to live together.

Other freshmen arrived early to get ready and put on makeup—"nerdy outcast" types, Alaina remembers of the tightknit group who were all acquainted with her host.

Alcohol and Coca-Cola had been bought for mixing, but Alaina opted just for the Coke; she didn't feel like drinking that night.

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