Illicit dating

The virtual gifts feature allows you to send flowers and other gifts to members that you are interested in.

Shockingly, you have to pay extra for this despite the very high membership cost.

The traffic test is something that I like to perform before I part with my money on any dating site.

It makes no sense to pay for the service if you have no idea about the number or members living within your region.

The first stage can be seen in the below picture: In stage two you are asked for details like: date of birth, town, education, marital status, drinking, smoking, eye colour, build etc.

For the third and final stage you are asked to describe who you are, your personality and how you spend your time; and also to be more specific on your height, hair style and body size.

In case you feel like you’re not having much success on the site, then take a look at the testimonials section to see the positive feedback from other members.

Personalized messages are the only way that you should be communicating, winking and virtual flowers are about as cheesy as it gets.

Would you prefer to access the service on your mobile?

Alternatively if you can’t wait for the email, you can also check your matches instantly on the site. You can also keep tabs on your favourite site members by adding them as favourites.

It’s easy to view who’s online at the same time as you, and with the live 1-1 chat option you can be talking to them in no time at all. You can also easily block any members that rub you up the wrong way.

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