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I wish I could spend more time with her, but alas, we are apart, i.e. I realize I subconsciously compare and contrast many of my new friendships to the original BFF. I can feel it because she tells me (she told me first – I told you, I play it safe). I flirted with a new friend, a fifth house Mercury affair.Even entering new friendship territory is fraught with the insecurities of the past ones, the ones that didn’t work out. In fact, I brag about her to my husband: she loves me, she loves me! Fifth house affairs aren’t permanent, they’re ballsy and risky, with the quality of sporty play. And friend dating is not unlike the yin-yang thing.I’ve noticed the compulsion to call her at strange and inconvenient hours -late at night.

Ballantine Books/Random House; ISBN 978-0-34552-494-2; .

She was on the elliptical cross trainer, studying her anatomy textbook.

Which I noted because A) you can’t help but notice what the person next to you is wearing and reading at the gym and B) Mercury being in Scorpio, I was eavesdropping.

She’s got a sense of humor, she’s intelligent and funny, earthy and real, deeply caring…all true, but blah, blah, blah. ” I said hopefully, maybe, we’ll see each other around town. It’s hard to know protocol after briefly meeting a new, potential friend.

You don’t know if you’ll ever see her again, or if you do, out of context, say in the supermarket, she’s suddenly…I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

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