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From restaurants on the affordable end of the spectrum to all-out splurges when you want to pamper your partner, the list ranges from classy to casual, with cuisines like Peranakan and Greek alongside experimental fare. With a view of the Marina Bay area from up high, Artemis Grill is an elegant space for pre-dinner cocktails and panoramic sights.

Perched on the rooftop of Capita Green, away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, it serves up a medley of Mediterranean-inspired dishes made with fresh, sustainable produce.

Now, how would you feel if you could not see and were living in total darkness?

At , we will take you on a journey through tastes and textures, a multi-sensory dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and open your mind.

Just in case you need to crank one out for spontaneity’s sake.

Even though Singapore isn’t exactly known for being a city of love, we’ve got plenty of idyllic spaces for couples to get all lovey-dovey with one another.

The house was designated a Conserved Building in May 2008, and although it has been modernized to accommodate a restaurant function, the main elements of its original architecture remains intact.

With over a decade of professional experience working at Michelin-starred establishments, Chef Hiroyuki Shinkai is devoted to honing his skill in the culinary arts as he continues to refine his own personal interpretation of French cuisine.

You guessed it: Singapore's most romantic restaurant.

Think Poached Atlantic Lobster, Floral Honey-Roasted Langoustine, Tahitian Vanilla Bourbon Mousseux and more. And bring on the Piscos, too - what's a date night without a cocktail (or three)? For coffee over cocktails: Open Farm Community Who said your V-day date can only start after sunset?

Day or night, this dainty open-concept restaurant cum urban farmland, is definitely date-worthy.

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