Dating in your late thirties

They were assuring a late-30-something friend who had grown weary of the thinning dating options before her. Are there particular ages at which the dating market becomes more active than others? Divorces hinging on first babies (or lack thereof) were settled. In retrospect, I wondered whether there was any quantitative proof of these cycles of singledom.Dating is hard at any age, but even more so in your 30s. “You would think that people get better at treating each other well and mature emotionally as they age, but NOPE.” Another adds, “Lots and lots of unmatched swipes on Tinder.” But, perhaps the most common concern among those looking for love in their 30s is the amount of baggage people come with.The playing field is narrower, your number of single friends is dwindling and everyone’s carrying around a whole lot more baggage. Taking to Reddit, droves of singletons in their thirties have been revealing what it’s really like to tackle the tricky world of dating. One user says, “Dating in your 30s is trying to find someone with the least amount of baggage (emotional, children, etc.), or at least less baggage than you.” “It's like sorting through a bargain bin of damaged goods,” another agrees.They’re not treating their dating partners like they’re looking for long-term compatibility.”“Guys are like, ‘How much fun and sex can I have before I have to evaluate with this?’ Sometimes you have that Trojan Horse of a woman who is so perfect that they change earlier, or there’s a triggering event — like earning ,000 a year or the loss of a family member, where suddenly the idea of a steady partner makes sense.“Everyone gets married [within those ages] and then stays married across that decade,” Soma said.“A woman I met once told me that men are like avocados. “For me, dating college grads with careers in the New York City area, that age of ripeness seems to be [around] 30 years old.

And it doesn’t help that our 30s is also the decade where we spend so much of our time and money celebrating other people’s coupledom.The numbers support this theory as far as dating apps are concerned.For example, IBISWorld says a third of American online daters are between the ages of 25 and 34, making them the largest segment on the market. After consulting the experts, I’m not sure they had any proof.While men want to arrive in adulthood and then take dating seriously.So until they arrive, that’s why things like ‘ghosting’ exist.

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