Cupid dating israel

.” A year ago, my mid-40s male boss, happily married with kids, balked at what he considered to be absurd—a female participant graded her date a “B ” but concluded she would not be interested in a second date.“How can someone give a date a B and not give the guy another shot?!The publication of those guidelines was not the seismic event that hyped it up to be.They had been drafted after Brussels officials had been informed that some recipients of EU grants were less than transparent – to put it mildly.That is a flimsy and formulaic excuse for its complicity in the colonization of Jerusalem.A number of other Israeli bodies active in East Jerusalem have been awarded grants under Horizon 2020.

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While doing so, it has formed a partnership with Elad, an Israeli settler organization that drives Palestinians out of their homes.

The European Commission – which administers Horizon 2020 – tried to justify the way it is bending over backwards to please Israel.

A spokesperson for the Commission stated that it was “constantly making sure every rule is respected,” when I requested a comment.

The Israel Antiquities Authority took part in the Union’s previous science program, even though its headquarters were located in occupied East Jerusalem.

It had supplied a post office box inside Israel as its address, when applying for an EU grant.

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