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[Read: Road head confessions of a good girl] #8 Snap your memories. Or when both of you are in bed, hand him a camera and ask him to take a few pictures when you’re nude and doing something dirty to him.But unless you’re sure the photos will always stay safe and away from prying eyes, delete them after the fun and games.

And once you start grinding him, there’s little he can do to avoid a raging erection.Recreating his secret fantasies is one of the sexiest ideas of foreplay for any man.[Read: The sexual roleplay guide for beginners] #10 Live webcam.[Read: 20 tips to keep his erection up all night long] And when there’s no novelty anymore, you definitely need to start focusing on his mind more than his little head to keep him excited in bed.Give your man something extra special to think about by indulging in these foreplay tips that can get him to appreciate your body and exercise his sexual mind at the same time.

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