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4th Street) is a polluter of heavy metals and uses hazardous chemicals in our East Austin neighborhood.Pure Casting is located right next to Zavala Elementary School and surrounded by homes.Susana Almanza was selected 2011 Environmentalist of the Year.The Environmentalist is a person actively involved in attempts to solve environmental pollution and resource problems.

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The 28 acres has wetlands, natural springs, huge trees, plants and is home to wildlife (deer, foxes, birds etc.). This site needs to become a Preserve and not home to disc golf.

Please send a letter from your group, neighborhood association or you as an individual to your city council members. On Saturday, August 21st the Austin History Center honored PODER's Susana Almanza, Gilbert Rivera, Raul Salinas & many other outstanding individuals who have been slelected for recognition as Mexican American Firsts: Trailblazers of Austin & Travis County.

PODER thanks your for celebrating and honoring three East Austin Activist Trailblazers on Tuesday, September 21st at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center.

The tour ended with a debriefing at the Montpolis Recreation Center, where he heard from staff and residents about the need to place on the next bond election, an item to build a new Montopolis Recreation Center for the area.

The MNPCT also discussed the City staff's challenge to the Montopolis community by trying to place a water reclamation tower in the Montpolis Triangle and a disc golf course in the Roy Guerrero Park.

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